EUR/USD Price Forecast for August 2024: What to Expect

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eurusd price august 2024

The EUR/USD currency pair is a key focus in the Forex market. Its forecast is crucial for traders planning their moves for August 2024. Right now, the exchange rate is about 1.08810 USD, showing a small drop of 0.14% over the last day1.

Experts think the EUR/USD rate could swing between 1.076 and 1.125 by August. They predict it might end up around 1.1022. Looking back, the pair hit a low of 0.9535 in 20222. In 2023, it reached a high of 1.12752. This shows how important it is to watch economic trends closely.

This history of ups and downs makes forecasting crucial. It helps traders make smart choices for the future.

Current Market Analysis for EUR/USD

The EUR/USD currency pair is very active in the Forex market. Its current rate is $1.087783. This pair is crucial for global transactions, making up about 20% of the Forex market3. Experts predict the rate will go up to 1.1449 by 20253. They also see a possible peak of 1.296 by 20273.

EUR/USD Current Rate & Trading Volume

Recently, the EUR/USD has stayed in a tight range under 1.10 in Q1 of 20244. It usually stays in the upper half of the 1.05 to 1.10 range4. This pair is highly liquid, making it a good choice for traders who like to speculate.

Volatility and Spread in the Forex Market

The EUR/USD pair’s average daily volatility is about 80 pips3. This shows how sensitive it is to market changes. The trading environment affects this a lot, especially during big economic news. Traders should watch out for things like geopolitical tensions and rising oil prices4.

These can change inflation estimates and increase volatility4. It’s also good to know that there’s an 18% chance of the pair reaching 1.00 in six months4. But there’s a 53% chance it will hit 1.104.

Economic Indicators Affecting EUR/USD Price August 2024

Traders need to know what affects the EUR/USD rate in August 2024. The world’s economic feelings greatly change currency values. Growth and inflation in Europe and the US are key factors. The Federal Reserve might cut interest rates to fight inflation and slow job growth. This could make the euro more attractive as the market changes5.

Global Economic Sentiment

The EUR index fell to historic lows in September 2022. This led to changes in European Central Bank (ECB) policies. The ECB might cut interest rates by up to 75 basis points, making things uncertain6. Elections in France led to a hung parliament, affecting investors. But, with President Macron’s group doing better than expected, the risk of conflict with the EU has gone down. This has made the EUR less volatile due to politics6.

Central Bank Policies

Central bank policies will shape how investors trade. The Federal Reserve and ECB will be watched closely. Their actions will tell us how to trade, especially with UBS predicting more volatility in 20246. Keeping up with these changes will help you understand the EUR/USD rate better.

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