FTMO Demo: Test Your Trading Skills Risk-Free

by Trading2Day

Did you know that FTMO has created over160,000 FTMO Accounts since 2015? Want to try forex trading without big risks? The FTMO Demo account is perfect for this.

With the FTMO Demo, you can test your trading skills with no real money. It’s a safe place to practice, learn, and perfect your strategies. This way, you’re ready for the real market.

In the demo, you have access to $200,000 in fictitious funds. You can earn rewards for doing well. You may get up to 90% of the simulated profits you make. And, you might even get a bigger percentage under certain conditions.

FTMO has many trading platforms. These include MT4, MT5, cTrader, and DXtrade accounts. They use data from top liquidity providers. This makes your demo very close to real trading.

Starting with the FTMO Demo is a great first step. When you’re good and want to move forward, FTMO helps you through an evaluation process. This process improves your trading and gets you ready for a real FTMO Account.

Whether you’re new or already experienced, the FTMO Demo helps a lot. It’s a great way to get better at trading, learn about the market, and lower your risks. Begin your safe trading journey with FTMO now!

FTMO Evaluation Process: Master Your Trading Habits

The FTMO Evaluation Process helps traders improve their skills. It has two key stages: the FTMO Challenge and the Verification.

In the FTMO Challenge, traders prove their trading skills. They must stick to risk management rules. These include hitting a Profit Target and a Maximum Daily Loss.

It focuses on building a strong trading base for future success. Traders learn to focus on the process, not just profits. The goal is to drop bad trading habits and make risk and psychology key parts of their strategies.

To remove luck, traders must test their plans, read charts, and know trading psychology well. This way, decisions are based on solid analysis, not chance.

Passing the FTMO Challenge is more than getting money. It’s a chance to change your lifestyle and trading habits. Many traders have seen big jumps in their mindset and approach to trading.

The Evaluation includes strict rules and loss limits. They help make sure traders manage risks well. As a result, their trading gets better.

Throughout the FTMO Evaluation, traders get high-quality support. The FTMO team is there to offer help and advice for success.

Key Features of the FTMO Evaluation Process:
Percentage of traders inspired by lifestyle changes after completing the FTMO Challenge 100%
Percentage of traders mentioning psychology and emotions affecting their trading plan 100%
Maximum daily drawdown limit of -5% mentioned in managing emotions during trades
Strategy of leaving the desk after losing more than 2 trades in a row to maintain discipline
Mention of the Forex, commodity, and indices market being open 24/7, 5 days a week
Emphasis on eliminating luck through back-testing, chart reading practice, and trading psychology
Reference to the impact of maximum loss limits on trading style across different traders
Efforts to eliminate negative trading habits after passing the FTMO Challenge and Verification
High satisfaction rating for the FTMO support team and service consistently mentioned by traders
Increased discipline due to maximum loss limits noted to improve trading results for some traders
Integration of risk management and psychology as essential elements for long-term trading success
Mention of backtesting as a key advice for new traders attempting the FTMO Challenge

By passing the FTMO Evaluation, traders qualify for big funding. They also learn skills that lead to trading success. This instills discipline, risk management, and a lifelong commitment to learning. It prepares traders to profit over the long term.

Enhance Your Skills with FTMO Account in Demo Environment

FTMO Demo Account

After passing the FTMO Evaluation Process, it’s time to level up your trading skills. With an FTMO Account in the demo, you can practice and improve without risking real money.

You get up to $200,000 to trade with in the demo. This lets you trade like it’s real. You gain real market experience while you sharpen your skills and try different strategies.

Trading in the demo helps in many ways. You get to know the trading tools and assets, like cryptocurrencies and forex. This experience gets you ready for the real market when you switch to a funded account.

In the demo, you can try different strategies and how you control risk. By checking your trades and changing what’s needed, you’ll get better at what to do.

This safe space is also good for working on your trading emotions. A good mindset is key to trading well. Without using real money, you can practice keeping calm and making wise, well-thought-out choices.

The top traders in the FTMO Challenge can join the Premium Programme. This means they move on to work as pros at Quantlane. So, use your demo time well. It can really improve your trading and success chances.

Trader Success Stories in the FTMO Demo Environment

Trader Mihai follows a tight plan to lower risks. Even with set limits, Mihai hardly ever exceeds safe loss levels.

Trader Sheena aims to risk 1% daily to grow her account by 10% every week. This plan keeps her growth steady and safe.

Trader Shamir’s success came from a great trade on SPX500. In two weeks, he set a new high. Shamir shows that steady, well-planned trading pays off.

These traders show that with a good plan, discipline, and the right mindset, you can win at the FTMO Challenge and beyond.

FTMO Account Sizes Associated Prices (Euros)
$10,000 Account €155
$200,000 Account €1,080

Using the FTMO Account demo is a key step to getting better. It helps you perfect your strategies, try new ways, and manage your trading emotions. Make the most of this practice to do well once you’re trading for real.

FTMO Academy: Comprehensive Learning Platform for Traders

Do you want to learn more about trading and make strategies that work? The FTMO Academy is here to help. It’s a great place for anyone in trading, from newbies to experts. You can learn the basics or polish your skills.

The Academy gives you lots of ways to learn, like deep courses and fun articles. It also has live webinars. You’ll get better at trading and learn how to handle risks smarter. This will make you a stronger trader.

The FTMO Academy focuses on teaching you real-world strategies. The lessons are timed to when London and New York markets are open. This way, you learn to trade when it matters most, with advice you can use right away.

Having the best trading tools is key. FTMO Academy offers amazing tools. These tools have helped many traders do better. You’ll get software for charts and calculators for managing risks. They’re all aimed at helping you trade smarter.

And let’s not forget about the great teacher, Petko Aleksandrov. He’s a well-known trading expert who teaches top courses. Students love his courses because they really help. Plus, he gets a lot of praise in reviews for how he helps his students succeed.

But you don’t have to take just our word for it. Traders say their trading got much better after following the Academy’s advice. They love how effective and easy to use the strategies are. This shows how helpful the FTMO Academy is to real traders.

The Academy is also praised for how well it supports students. They help fast with any questions or problems. If you have questions about trading, the FTMO team is there to help. This kind of support makes learning easier and more enjoyable.

With its great ratings and tons of happy traders, FTMO Academy is clearly a top pick. Over 12,000 people think it’s great. It’s a trusted place for traders, thanks to its quality lessons and support.

Course Price Course Duration Number of Trading Robots
€490.00 Self-paced 14

Whether you dream of trading with FTMO or other trading firms, the Academy can help. It’s perfect for anyone in Forex, from those hoping to win the FTMO Challenge to folks trying to do better in trading.

Now is your chance to get better at trading and reach your goals. Join the FTMO Academy today and see your trading skills grow.

FTMO Free Trial: Experience the Evaluation Process

FTMO Free Trial

Ready to level up your trading skills? FTMO’s Free Trial lets you try a short version of the Evaluation Process without risk. It’s a great chance to test your strategies. See if you can handle the FTMO Challenge and Verification.

The FTMO Free Trial lets you get a feel for the trading platform and its conditions. You get 14 days to pretend trade, checking out changing spreads and margins for different stuff.

In the Free Trial, you can figure out how good you are at trading. It’s a safe way to work on your techniques. But remember, passing the Free Trial doesn’t mean you’re set for an FTMO Account.

FTMO keeps things consistent from the Free Trial to the main trading account. This helps you decide if you want to continue with a funded account. With consistency, it’s easier to make that choice.

A free demo account is key for traders. It gives you a trading feel without using real money. With FTMO’s Free Trial, you can pretend trade, improving your abilities without risks.

This is your chance to check out the Evaluation Process. Sign up for FTMO’s Free Trial to start the path to successful trading. It’s a way to see if you’re ready for a real trading career.

Key Features of FTMO Free Trial
14-day risk-free trial period
Simulated trading with fictitious capital
Observe spread changes, commission variations, and margin requirements
Assess your trading skills and strategies
Experience the Evaluation Process without financial risk

Reward Growth & Scaling Plan: Increase Your Profits

Reward Growth & Scaling Plan

At FTMO, we want to help you make more money. We offer the Reward Growth & Scaling Plan for traders who show they’re good at what they do. With this plan, you can make more profits and move your trading to the next level.

When you start with FTMO, you get 80% of your simulated profits. But, if you meet the requirements of the Scaling Plan, your rewards go up. Your account balance will grow by 25%, and your share of profits will increase to 90%.

The Scaling Plan shows our dedication to your success. It helps you trade well, manage risks, and maintain your success over time. Achieving the plan’s goals not only boosts your profits but also proves your trading ability and effort.

Account Growth Conditions and Increased Profit Split Ratios

The Scaling Plan offers a step-by-step way to make more money. As you advance, your profit split ratio goes up to 90%. This special ratio is just for traders on the scale-up plan, making your rewards stand out.

Every four months, your capital on the FTMO Account can increase. It’s based on your net profit and how payouts are done. Meeting these goals lets you grow your demo capital by 25% and potentially up to $2 million.

Account Balance and Risk Parameter Development

We’ve made a table to show how your account’s balance and risk levels change over time. It’s a handy way to see how the numbers are linked. For example, your balance affects the biggest loss you can have in a day.

Account Balance Maximum Daily Loss Maximum Loss
$400,000 $20,000 $40,000
$800,000 $40,000 $80,000

As your account grows, the most you can lose in a day or overall goes up. This shows how important it is to handle risk well while you try to make more money.

Joining the FTMO Scaling Plan lets you increase your earnings. It also lets you prove your trading talent and reach your financial dreams securely.

Trading Platforms: Real Market Conditions for Demo Accounts

Trading Platforms

FTMO Trading lets expert traders use various platforms with real market vibes for demo accounts. This includes MT4, MT5, cTrader, and DXtrade. They give a life-like look and feel to trading.

Trading here means looking at low spreads and scraps off the top with very little commissions. It feels a lot like actual trading. The data from these platforms comes straight from the top liquidity providers. So, you know it’s right on the money.

At FTMO, traders can hone their craft without fear of losing real money. They get to perfect their moves, read the market, find sweet spots to jump in and out, all without losing a dime.

No matter what one decides to work on, be it forex, indices, metals, cryptos, or commodities, FTMO offers the real deal simulation. It helps traders learn the platform’s ins and outs and build up their trading know-how.

With FTMO, the playing field for practice matches up with the action on the real deal field. This includes how fast trades go through, spread sizes, and any bumping in prices you might face.

You can choose to play it safe, normal style, or flex between the two with FTMO Trading’s varied account options. They’ve got something for everyone’s taste and trading manner.

Account Comparison:

Account Type Leverage Hold Positions Overnight and Over the Weekend
Normal 1:100 (forex pairs), 1:15 (indices), 1:9 (metals), 1:1 (cryptocurrencies, equity CFDs, commodities) Restrictions Apply
Swing 1:30 (forex pairs), 1:15 (indices), 1:9 (metals), 1:1 (cryptocurrencies, equity CFDs, commodities) No Restrictions

Account types change how much risk you take and what trades you can make. The Normal account allows bigger gambles than the Swing account. But, if your account is big enough, the difference isn’t a big deal.

For instance, when looking at the EURUSD, to trade one lot in the Normal account, you’d need EUR 1,000 margin. In the Swing account, it’d be EUR 3,333.33. Margin is like a safety deposit for your trade.

Want to try out trading with FTMO’s realistic conditions? You can with the Free Trial. It gives a short Challenge version for 14 days. It’s perfect for seeing if FTMO fits your trading dreams.

Check out the Symbols page for all the nitty-gritty on what you can trade, how much you can amplify your moves, and the costs. It helps make smart trading choices clear.

FTMO is chosen by many, with over 160,000 FTMO Accounts made since 2015. Even on demo accounts, wins can mean good rewards, up to 90% of the fake money profits. And, with a clever plan, you could boost that to a full 90%.

With diverse platforms and lots of learning stuff, FTMO Trading is the spot for traders wanting to do better. Add the Free Trial and big win chances, and it’s a top choice to step up your trading game.

FTMO Premium Programme: Upgrade Your Trading Journey

FTMO Premium Programme

Upgrade your trading with the FTMO Premium Programme. It’s made for FTMO Traders to add special benefits. These help you do even better.

Doubled Balance Boosts

With the Premium Programme, your balance boost is doubled. This means more trade balance to grab chances in the market. It helps you make more money and reach your trading dreams quicker.

Upgrade Your Reward

On top of that, the Premium Programme ups your reward to 90% of simulated profits. Winning trades can earn you more. It gives you a better advantage.

Exclusive Discounts on FTMO Challenges

FTMO Challenges are ways to show your trading skill. As a Premium Programme member, you get special discounts on these challenges. It makes showing your skill easier and cheaper.

Opportunities to Scale Up

Top players in the Programme can get assessed for jobs with Quantlane. It’s a big chance for growth in the trading world. It takes your trading career to new levels.

The FTMO Premium Programme is packed with benefits. From balanced boosts to better rewards and more, it’s here to help you trade better. It offers support and incentives for your trading success.

Don’t miss this chance to step up your trading. Join the FTMO Premium Programme. It opens doors for higher profits and market success.

FTMO Affiliate Programme: Earn Commissions for Referrals

FTMO Affiliate Programme

Love to share your trading wins and help others meet their goals? Join the FTMO Affiliate Programme. You’ll make money for each friend you refer. It’s a way to grow the FTMO community and earn from your trading knowledge.

Joining comes with a chance to earn a cut of the first FTMO Challenge price your referrals pay. You’ll get between 8% and 20% based on your level in the programme.

The FTMO Affiliate Programme has four levels. Each one offers different commissions and needs:

Affiliate Level Monthly Commissions Commission Rate Additional Benefits
Bronze No specific monthly commissions 8%
Silver €1,000 10%
Gold €2,000 15% Free FTMO Challenges worth $50,000
Platinum €5,000 20% Free FTMO Challenges worth $100,000

As a partner, you’ll get special materials to promote FTMO. This includes a unique link and banners. They help you get new clients and track signups through your link.

FTMO lets you choose how you want to get paid. You can pick from bank transfers, Skrill, or cryptocurrencies. Payouts happen every two weeks, on the 1st and 15th. You must have at least €50 to get paid.

FTMO asks that you promote naturally to avoid any unfair advantages. They want you to connect with others in the trading world. This way, you can share and learn from each other.

After you join, you’ll get a special dashboard. It shows how many people clicked, visited, signed up, and how much you’ve made. This helps you see what’s working and make your strategy better.

Need help or advice? The FTMO team is here for you 24/7. You can contact them on LiveChat or by email.

Today is the day to start with FTMO Affiliate Programme. Let’s team up, help others, and make the trading community stronger.

FTMO Performance Coaching: Improve Your Trading Results

Do you want to do better at trading and win more in the markets? FTMO’s Performance Coaching can help you up your game. You’ll work with skilled coaches to get better insights, build a winner’s mindset, and tackle trading challenges head-on.

Unlock Your Trading Potential with Performance Coaches

The FTMO coaches are tops in psychology and trading. They know the tough parts of trading, like controlling emotions and dealing with losses. Through personal coaching, they help traders spot and solve these issues, offering tailored tips to boost success.

Coaching here is all about key trading success points. You’ll learn to care more about the process than the results and to rethink your trading beliefs. You’ll also discover how to handle rough trading days better. This focus helps traders make smarter choices and get more stable results.

Results-Oriented Coaching for FTMO Traders

FTMO’s coaching is made for traders aiming to ace the FTMO Challenge. Coaches know the score and offer spot-on advice to beat obstacles. They’re all about practical tips and guidance, ready to help with coping with emotions, managing losses, and building a champion’s mindset.

The focus is on giving traders what they need to win. This could mean improving how you deal with emotions, losses, or working on a strong mindset. No matter your hurdle, the coaches are there to help you leap over it.

Empowering Traders for Success

With FTMO’s coaching, traders gain confidence and a clear view of their trading strengths and spots to improve. Coaches give personal feedback and help in setting up smart trading plans. Their blend of psychology and trading wisdom helps you grow the skills and mindset for long-lasting success.

Statistics Coaching Focus Percentage/Number
Percentage of traders struggling with emotional control Emotional control XX%
Number of coaching sessions focused on changing beliefs about trading Belief transformation XX
Percentage of traders experiencing big red days Managing big red days XX%
Ratio of traders prioritizing mindset development for consistent performance Mindset development XX:1
Number of sessions focusing on shifting focus from results onto the process Process-oriented approach XX
Percentage of traders struggling with accepting losses Accepting losses XX%
Percentage increase in confidence observed in traders after coaching sessions Confidence enhancement XX%
Number of performance coaches specializing in psychology Psychology specialization XX
Ratio of performance coaches with experience in sports psychology Sports psychology experience XX:1
Percentage of FTMO traders utilizing performance coaching services Coaching utilization XX%
Number of coaching sessions offered per trader upon completion of the Evaluation Process Sessions offered per trader XX

Get better at trading with FTMO Performance Coaching. Our experts are here to guide you through challenges, build smart trading strategies, and shape the mindset you need for trading success.

Are you ready to push your trading to new heights? Start FTMO’s Performance Coaching now and release your full trading power.

FTMO Blog: Informative Articles for Traders

trading tips

The FTMO Blog is perfect for any trader looking for tips and insights. It offers valuable lessons on trading, including psychology. Its goal is to help traders improve their skills for success in the market.

Each week, the blog shares articles on various trading topics. It covers everything from market analysis to real trader stories. This information helps make smarter trading choices.

One big focus is on trading strategies for better performance. For example, Abdullah shared how he earned over €800. He talked about his strategy and thought process, giving great tips.

The blog also talks about the mental side of trading. It has wisdom on controlling emotions and staying disciplined. Traders like Lorenzo highlight the profit-making side as well as the obstacles.

Plus, there are tips on how to manage risks and analyze trades. Anton, who made 400€ on one trade, explains the importance of risk management. He suggests keeping a log of your trades for future success.

The blog also details the FTMO evaluation and challenges. It informs about the 10-day challenge and its 5% gain requirement. Traders share their experiences, aiming to inspire others.

In addition to these, the blog has a weekly market trend summary. It aims to keep traders updated. This summary helps traders be ready for the coming week.

The FTMO Blog is a must-read for anyone in the trading world. It’s packed with useful tips, strategies, and market insights. Whether you’re starting out or looking to improve, this blog is full of educational content.

FTMO Discord: Engage in Insider Discussions

Join the FTMO Discord to connect with other traders. You’ll be part of a lively community. Here, you can talk about trading and discuss many industry topics.

FTMO cares about traders helping each other. That’s why they made this platform. By joining, you get to share ideas and learn together with people who are as passionate as you are.

Everyone is welcome, no matter your trading experience. The FTMO Discord is open to all. It’s a great place to meet people, share your thoughts, and learn from those who’ve been around longer.

Make sure you don’t miss out. Join the FTMO Discord now for exciting trading conversations. It’s where you can find friends and learn new things about trading.

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