The5ers Prop Trading Firm: An Insider’s Guide to Getting Funded

by Trading2Day

Did you know prop trading is a great chance for traders? You can use a prop trading firm’s money to make profits. It’s becoming more popular in finance. If you want funding to boost your trading career, this is for you!

Prop trading firms are key in giving traders what they need to grow. They provide money, the latest trading tools, and even lessons. They also let traders share in the profits.

Some prop trading firms are better at helping traders than others. Failing to pick the right one can be disappointing. We’re here to guide you in securing funding. This guide is all about The5ers, a leading prop trading firm.

What is Prop Trading?

Prop trading is also called proprietary trading. It means traders use a firm’s money to trade, not their own. They trade in many markets using things like shares, options, and futures.

This type of trading lets firms make money from market movements. They use their money to make more. Skilled traders look at market trends to find chances to make profits for the firm.

There are many ways for prop traders to make money. They can trade stocks, bonds, commodities, and forex. Each market has its own rules and risks. So, traders need to really understand them.

Firms that do proprietary trading give traders what they need. They provide money, tools, and technology for trading. This includes the best trading platforms, live market data, and ways to manage risks. They aim to make a realistic trading environment for their traders.

But, prop trading is risky. Traders have to watch their positions carefully. They need to use good risk management to avoid big losses. Markets are always changing, so traders must keep an eye on news and trends that could affect their trades.

To sum up, prop trading lets skilled traders use a firm’s money to make trades. It can be a good way to make a profit if done right. Yet, it has big risks. Traders must be smart about managing these risks.

Pros of Prop Trading Cons of Prop Trading
  • Access to firm capital
  • Opportunity to trade multiple financial markets
  • Advanced trading platforms and technology
  • Real-time market data and research tools
  • Enhanced risk management systems
  • High risk and potential for substantial losses
  • Market volatility and unpredictability
  • Constant monitoring of market trends and news
  • Pressure to perform and meet profit targets
  • Dependency on the firm’s capital and resources

What is a Prop Trading Firm?

prop trading firm

A prop trading firm gives traders the chance to use its money. They can trade stocks, currencies, or commodities. With the firm’s capital, they try to make profits. This is different from how traditional firms work because they use their own money.

Prop trading firms provide traders with a great chance. They can trade with a big amount of money, something they might not have alone.

One big plus of these firms is the access to capital. Traders benefit from the firm’s money. This lets them go after more trading chances. And it can grow their profits.

Since traders use the firm’s money, there is a profit-sharing deal. The firm gets a cut of the earnings. This keeps both sides working hard for success.

Remember, prop trading firms have their own rules. Traders must look into these rules carefully before signing up.

Why Choose a Prop Trading Firm?

So, why do traders go for prop trading firms?

  • Access to capital: They can make bigger trades and earn more.
  • Professional support: Firms offer training and help to get better at trading.
  • Reduced risk: Using the firm’s money means less personal risk.
  • Networking opportunities: Traders meet and work with others in the field.

Overall, prop trading firms give traders a boost. They offer tools, help, and chances to do well in trading.

Key Features The5ers
Access to Capital Yes
Profit Sharing Yes
Professional Support Yes
Reduced Risk Yes
Networking Opportunities Yes

What Makes a Prop Trading Firm Good?

When you’re checking out a prop trading firm, some things help you pick the best one. Let’s see what these key qualities are.

A Solid Reputation

A great prop trading firm is known for being reliable and trusted. You should select firms that are well-reviewed for their success.

Robust Client Support

Getting help when you need it is essential. A top-notch firm will always be there to answer your questions.

Educational Materials

Learning materials are vital for both new and seasoned traders. Choose a firm that offers a lot of ways to learn and improve your skills.

Advanced Trading Platforms

Today’s markets move quickly, so you need top technology to keep up. Good firms provide the best trading tools to make your trades smooth and successful.

Performance-Based Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is a big plus in prop trading. A quality firm will have a clear system that pays you more when you do better.

Upfront Fee Disclosure

Fees should never be a mystery. A reliable firm will tell you clearly what their charges are upfront.

Thinking about these aspects will guide you to a great prop trading firm. You’ll find one that supports your trading journey well.

Factors Description
Solid Reputation A good prop trading firm has a well-established reputation in the industry.
Robust Client Support Responsive and knowledgeable client support is essential for traders.
Educational Materials A good firm provides comprehensive educational resources for traders to enhance their skills.
Advanced Trading Platforms Access to cutting-edge trading platforms is crucial for efficient trading.
Performance-Based Profit Sharing A transparent profit-sharing model motivates traders to strive for success.
Upfront Fee Disclosure A good firm discloses all fees upfront to ensure transparency.

With these considerations in mind, choosing a prop trading firm becomes easier. You’ll select one that helps you achieve your trading goals.

What Makes a Prop Trading Firm Bad?

Bad prop trading firm

Prop trading can be good for traders. But, it’s key to know which traits in a firm are bad. This knowledge helps you dodge tricks and bad deals.

A big warning is when a firm makes promises that sound too good to be true. They might say you’ll make a lot of money fast. But, often it’s just talk. Be careful if a firm guarantees success overnight.

High fees are a bad sign in prop trading. Some firms charge a lot for their services. These fees can eat into your profits and make it hard to do well. Always check fees closely before you start with a firm.

Too many rules can also be a problem. Some firms have very strict rules. These rules might hold you back from changing with the market. Seek firms that let you try different strategies and that support you.

Another red flag is when a firm is unclear about money matters. A good prop trading firm should be open about fees, how profits are shared, and risk plans. If they don’t share this info easily, they might be hiding something.

Getting paid on time is very important for traders. If a firm keeps delaying your profits without good reason, it’s a worrying sign. You need access to your money without problems to feel safe and do well.

Knowing these bad signs and doing your homework can help you avoid risky prop trading firms. Aim for ones that are honest, support your goals, and share your values.

Warning Signs of a Bad Prop Trading Firm
Unrealistic promises
Excessive fees
Restrictive rules
Lack of transparency
Delayed profit payouts

Top 7 Prop Trading Firms

Top 7 Prop Trading Firms

Choosing the right prop trading firm is key to success. With many options, picking the best can be hard. We’ve listed the top 7 firms with great funded programs and opportunities.

Axi Select

Axi Select is a top prop trading firm. It gives traders funded accounts and market access. Traders can earn big profits with an 80:20 split. A tough evaluation process ensures only the best traders join.


FTMO is known for its performance-based rewards. Traders get 70% to 80% of profits in funded accounts. It’s known for helping traders grow and develop.

The Forex Funder

The Forex Funder offers up to 90% profit sharing. It uses a detailed evaluation process. Traders receive the resources needed for long-term success in prop trading.

E8 Markets

E8 Markets provides funded accounts with a 70% to 80% profit share. They use top technology and risk management. This helps traders meet their financial targets.

The 5%ers

The 5%ers’ Hyper Growth Program is unique. It offers funded accounts from $6,000 to $4 million, with 1:30 leverage. Traders keep all profits with a one-time fee model.

Funded Next

Funded Next lets traders access up to $4 million. The profit share starts at 75:15. It stands out by focusing on trader growth and capital availability.

Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus helps traders with funded accounts and clear profit share models. This firm lets traders keep a good part of their profits while providing capital.

Comparison of Top Prop Trading Firms

Prop Trading Firm Profit Split Funding Amount Unique Features
Axi Select 80:20 Varies Evaluation process, diverse financial markets
FTMO 70%-80% Varies Performance-based profit sharing, growth support
The Forex Funder 60%-90% Varies Generous profit sharing ratios, comprehensive evaluation process
E8 Markets 70%-80% Varies Advanced technology, risk management tools
The 5%ers 100% (for first deposit) $6,000-$4 million Hyper Growth Program, attractive fee payment model
Funded Next 75:15+ $200,000-$4 million Significant capital availability, growth opportunities
Funded Trading Plus Varies Varies Transparent profit-sharing, access to capital

Axi Select

Axi Select Capital Allocation Program

Axi Select is a key program for traders, offering up to $1 million USD for funding. It lets traders keep up to 90% of their profits.

This platform is different because it doesn’t charge extra fees. This is great for traders who want to boost their earnings.

This program is broken into six stages. This helps traders grow their accounts by performing well. They use real trading accounts, not demos, so traders get real-world practice.

At Axi Select, traders get advanced tools to help them trade smarter. This way, they can make better decisions and stay competitive in the market.

Axi Select stands out with its big funding, high profit shares, and focus on helping traders succeed. It’s ideal for serious traders.

Firm Funding Amount Funding Change
Axi Select 1,143,330 18.912% decline
Equity Edge 1,000,752 75.254% increase
Ascendx Capital 820,145 512.757% increase
Breakout 191,580 74.653% increase
Optimal Traders 112,682 1,966.422% increase
Smart Prop Trader 216,163 5.684% increase


FTMO is a respected prop trading firm. It lets traders show their skills to get real payouts. Its detailed evaluation and good profit share have made it known in trading circles.

FTMO’s profit sharing is impressive. After passing the test, traders get 80% to 90% of the profits. This gives traders a big chance to make good money from what they earn.

FTMO is known for taking care of its traders. They have support through email, chat, and phone. This means traders always have a way to get help when they need it.

FTMO’s fees change based on the evaluation level. Traders should check FTMO’s website for the latest fees. It’s important to understand what the cost will be for the chosen program.

FTMO is well-loved in the trading world. They have a high TrustIndex of 4.9 out of 5 from over 5,000 votes. This shows how much traders trust them.

Choosing FTMO or The 5ers depends on what each trader wants. FTMO offers a good profit sharing plan and reliable support. It attracts traders who want to prove their skills and get actual money.

Evaluation Fee and Profit Share

Prop Trading Firm Evaluation Fee Profit Share
FTMO Varies 80% – 90%
The5ers Zero up-front option 50% – 100%

The Forex Funder

The Forex Funder

The Forex Funder is a trusted prop trading firm offering traders full evaluations and funding chances. They concentrate on managing risks and boosting profits for traders. This gives a way for traders to show off their abilities and make good money.

To join, traders have two options for funding. One is for those who follow strict risk rules. The other suits traders who like a more creative trading style.

They set specific rules on risk to safeguard everyone involved. They advise not losing over 4% of your money, and risking 1.5% on trades. Also, use leverage of 1:6 or less.

Traders with a different risk approach can try the Aggressive Funded Trader Program. It offers quick funding for those with unique trading ways.

Starting trading accounts at The Forex Funder need just $6,000. They set profit goals and stop points to keep traders focused and safe.

Initial Balance Evaluation Target Profit Split Stop Out Level One-time Fee Payout Percentage
$20,000 $10,000 Up to 100% 6% $260 50%
$40,000 $20,000 Up to 100% 6% $450 75%
$80,000 $40,000 Up to 100% 6% $850 80-100%*

Funded traders at The Forex Funder get a chance for big growth. A 10% gain can mean a 100% increase in trading funds. Profit sharing happens based on success.

Doing well over time means traders can access more funding, from $24,000 to $80,000. This helps them grow their trading capital quickly.

To join the funded trading, traders pay a one-time fee. The cost changes based on how much funding a trader wants.

Once funded, traders get paid monthly based on their trading success. This encourages them to do well and grow their accounts.

The Forex Funder supports traders with help during office hours. Assistance is available from Sunday to Thursday, and Friday morning, GMT time.

Overall, The Forex Funder is a great place for traders looking for funding. They offer reviews, funds, and clear terms. This helps traders reach their trading dreams and build a successful path.

E8 Markets

E8 Markets

In November 2021, E8 Markets started to help traders grow their careers. They offer an evaluation process for funding and profit sharing. This way, new traders can get a chance to succeed.

E8 Markets is unique. It has two-step and three-step evaluations. Traders can pick what suits them best. If they do well, they can get up to $300,000 for trading. This is more than what other firms, like The5ers, usually offer.

Evaluation Process

E8 Markets has a detailed evaluation process. It’s made to find and help talented traders. With a two-step or three-step path, traders get to show what they can do. They aim to meet profit goals and manage risks.

Traders must hit an 8% profit in Phase 1 and a 5% profit in Phase 2. This is similar to The5ers. Both also have a 5% daily loss limit to keep risks low.

E8 Markets stands out with a 14% drawdown limit. This shows they care about their traders, especially when it’s tough. On the flip side, The5ers’ process focuses more on making traders show they can still be profitable after three days.

Funding and Profit Share

E8 Markets rewards traders well. They share up to 80% of the profits. With an ‘ELEV8’ account, traders can even get 90%. This shows E8 Markets values their success.

The5ers offers a profit share between 50% and 100%. Traders there also get a monthly salary, which can help with stable income.

Trustpilot Ratings

Traders like E8 Markets, giving it a high Trustpilot score of 4.7/5 from 1,376 reviews. The5ers has slightly more with 4.8/5 from 1,505 reviews. Both show they care about their traders’ success and happiness.

The life of a prop trader is exciting and challenging. E8 Markets helps traders on their journey. They offer good funding and sharing profits. This support shows E8 Markets is ready to help traders succeed.

The 5%ers

The 5%ers stands out as a top prop trading firm for eager forex traders. They offer a distinct trading challenge. Successful traders may get funded to trade using the firm’s capital.

This challenge sees how good traders are and checks if they might succeed. By showing their trading skills and reaching profit goals, traders can show their trading strategy works well.

If a trader does well, they might join The 5%ers’ program. In this program, they get a forex trading account and get paid profits each month. Being careful with risks is highlighted but not required.

Joining as a Funded Trader Level 2 at The 5%ers lets traders trade the Fund’s money. It’s key to remember that The 5%ers only rewards managers for successful traders’ work.

The 5%ers always focuses on testing traders’ professional skills. It doesn’t offer financial advice or services. Traders must follow the platform’s rules to avoid problems.

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